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Day -7: East Village, Manhattan

Goodbyes at DBA

Day -1: East Village, Manhattan

We’re (almost) off!

Day 0: Brooklyn, New York

Have bags. Will travel.

Day 1: Hastings, Nebraska

Into the heartland

Day 2: Blue Hill, Nebraska

Smalltown, USA

Day 4: Spokane, Washington

Gearing up

DAY 4: Spokane, WA to Banff, Canada

A journey of (three?) thousand miles…

Day 5: Icefields Parkway

On the road to Jasper, Alberta

Day 6: Glacier National Park

Putting our gear to use

Day 7: Glacier National Park

How loudly can one hike?

Day 8: Central Montana

Driving across “Big Sky” country

Day 9: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Bubbles and spouts and steam

Day 9: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Hello Mr. Bear!

Day 9: Craters of the Moon National Park, Idaho

No craters, but lots of volcanic debris

Day 10-12: Arches National Park, Utah

Into Red Rock Country

Day 13: Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

Living within the canyon walls

Special Post

Desert flowers

Special Post

Dust devils and tumble weeds

Day 15: Taos & Santa Fe, New Mexico

Local “new mexican” cuisine

Day 14-15: Great Sand Dunes National Monument, Colorado

Scale does not compute

Day 16: Very Large Array, near Socorro, New Mexico

And now, for something completely different

Day 16: Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

Wood turned to stone and a painted desert

Day 17: Sedona, Arizona

Trees and water!

Special Post

Some Americana for the Aussie

Day 17: Grand Canyon, Arizona

The US National Parks system

Day 18 - 19: Grand Canyon, Arizona

So big it’s hard to comprehend

Day 19: Monument Valley and Natural Bridges N.M.

Its all about the journey

Day 19 - 20: Lake Powell, Utah

A man made lake surrounded by desert

Day 20: Capital Reef N.M. and Grand Staircase-Escalante N.M.

“Other unpaved road”

Day 21: Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Flying over my kingdom

Day 23: Zion National Park, Utah

Red rock meets water and trees

Day 24: Hoover Dam, between Nevada and Arizona

Art deco in desert

Day 25: Las Vegas, Nevada

A plastic oasis in the desert

Day 26: Los Angeles, California

Wrapping up the drive

Day 26-29: Orange County, California

Rejoining civilization

Days 28-30: Annapolis, Maryland


Day 31: Somewhere over the Atlantic

Chapter two, Europe.

Day 32: London, England

The sun? In London?

Day 33: Cambridge, England

Old school

Day 34: London, England

A crazy meal

Day 36-38: Paris, France

Café & coissants

Day 37: Versailles, France

A modest home

Day 38: Between Paris and Barcelona

Ah, the train…

Day 39: Barcelona, Spain

To market, to market

Day 40: Barcelona

We’re not obsessed with food, really!

Day 41: Barcelona, Spain

Gaudí rocks

Day 42: Ferry from Spain to Italy

A cruise? Did we turn 60 years old?

Day 43: Cinque Terra, Italy

Welcome to Italy

Day 44: In transit to Venice via Milan

Not too shabby…

Day 44-46: Venice, Italy

Just like the movies

Day 46-49: Florence, Italy

The city that exploits beautiful men

Day 48: San Giminano, Italy

A day in medieval Tuscany

Day 48-51: Rome, Italy

When in Rome…

Day 54-58: Nafplio, Greece

Our lazy whitewashed seaside village

Day 55: Epidaurus, Greece

Testing one, two, three…

Day 57: Mycenae, Greece

A bit of the Iliad, in person

Day 58-60: Athens, Greece

A few ruins and a lot of sprawl

Day 61-67: Paros, Greece

A vacation to conclude our vaction

Day 63: Santorini, Greece

Summer by the volcano

Day 68-69: Athens to Bahrain to Singapore to Sydney

The journey home

Sydney, Australia

The end